Aligning marketing and technology is essential for strategic communications. Through use of project management, communication and lead generation tools like HubSpot, marketing efforts are effective and efficient while gathering measurable feedback. We provide a range of services from comprehensive marketing support to specific initiatives like thought leadership.


Sparktrack serves in a marketing director role, overseeing the priorities and an articulate build of marketing activities to support business results in start-up, growth or reposition modes. Through a partnership with Authentic Brand, outsourcers of Fractional CMO’s to businesses, Sparktrack is an Ally Partner, supporting fractionals with thought leadership development and support.


Starting with why is the avenue in to crafting the story of thought leadership. With all of the opportunities at our fingertips, it’s tempting to say yes to almost everything that presents itself. Or try something a few times, and seeing no traction, abandon it. We provide a long-term strategy, criteria, consistency and intention around thought leadership to ensure it connects back to focused business growth and opportunities.