In whatever we do, there is the opportunity to innovate.


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Fusion 2.0 Conference

Day 3: The Business of Heart and Healing

For the Fusion 2.0 finale on day three of the conference, attendees moved from learning to connection on days one and two to emotion and action-driven on day three. People lined up at the testimonial booth, Learning Journal entries fresh in their minds, to share what exactly they planned to do with all of the inspiration and tools when they returned to their workplace as #FusionChangeAgent(s).

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Voice Is The New Playground For Brands

“Ok Google, talk to…” is a voice app prompt you’ve heard of or used if you’re an early adopter of voice technology. Voice technology is on track to show the fastest adoption of new technology in history. Compared to the next closest technology adoption in the U.S. market, the smart phone at eight years, voice is on track to cut that in half at a four-year pace from its introduction to market to 90%+ market saturation.

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IgniteMpls: More Than Millennial Flannel

I brought a newbie to IgniteMpls. And from the show of hands from the crowd poll of 900, many others did too. Experiencing the event with someone coming in fresh reignited my fondness of this format — 18 presenters, 5 minutes each with 20 slides that advance on auto pilot every 15 seconds, whether the presenters like it or not.

Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.
— Elon Musk