RISE Because You’re Made For More

Prepare to go all in.  RISExMinn, a two-day conference hosted by Hollis + Co June 14-15 with a wellness day added prior, brought the energy. It was up to 1,000+ attendees to harness it and make of it what they would. I joined in for June 13th’s Wellness Day, ready to step into the Hollis team hashtag #MadeForMore.

Just like dedicated fans that prepare to see their favorite rock star by listening to every song by that artist and memorizing every lyric, Rachel Hollis fans had consumed all of her content on every channel out there. And Hey girl, they spoke her language. They were prepared.

At the day’s onset the room’s introverts, who slowly rose their hand to answer Rachel’s question, “Who here is an introvert?” seemed to come out of their shell boldly raising their hands to the most vulnerable of questions. “Who here has anxiety?” “Who here regularly uses food or alcohol as a coping mechanism?” “Who here doesn’t feel they are enough?”

With my viewpoint from the back of the room, looking out over a sea of women as they raised their hands to answer yes to these questions was heartbreaking. For many questions, over half answered affirmatively and several questions might have been pushing 85-90%. We have to work at wellbeing -- that much is clear.  But we are not alone. That was also very clear.

After a healthy dose of that reality, the audience put Mel Robbin’s 5-4-3-2-1 into practice and shot out of our chairs for a dance party. Mind you we were at a conference center with tiered theater seating and everyone had about two feet to themselves. In this way, the day moved along the full spectrum of emotions, always keeping us on our toes.

How Hey Girl Came to be for Me

I just recently discovered Rachel’s work in January, but it was obvious that those around me had been on the Rachel train for a very long time. Why not sooner? Because I am a woman of 47 and girl doesn’t resonate with me. It’s seemingly silly, but nonetheless true.

Once past that nonsense, I read Girl, Wash Your Face, discovered Audible and listened to Girl Stop Apologizing in shorter snipets on daily commutes. I listened to the part at the end with a hint of what Rachel’s like live. After listening, I was in for that experience, but doubtful an opportunity like that would present itself. A month later, I saw the RISExMinn promo and it most definitely called to me. I was prepared to go all in.

I did just that for a day. I danced with abandonment (which is actually a line from my dharma code) in my two-foot space, led by the joyous Chris Chandler – a celebration evangelist. The tears streamed recalling my journey with alcohol and how I thought it was necessary to let go and to have a good time. Today in my space, I sensed the palpable energy and witnessed the astounding movement of everyone in the room. This required no substance to unleash. Ladies – did you know you could dance like that and have the most amazing time?

As the day continued to reframe wellbeing, self-love rose to the top as it does. In gratitude exercises, hand over heart, we meditated on acceptance and self love until the tears rolled. I also thought more deeply about the connection between not breaking promises to ourselves and building the skill of confidence. Show up for yourself, girl!

Tapping into Victory

By mid-day I had fully acclimated to girl and I was drinking the Hollis Kool-aid. It’s a good thing because next we start tapping. Alex Ortner, co-owner of The Tapping Solution, gave us the science behind tapping with the goal of rewiring our brains to respond to stress and anxiety in healthier ways. I have already started tapping, of course with the guidance of the tap app.

After break, there’s more squats and arm pulsing mixed with all-out dance jams that have us rising up like the ceiling can’t hold us. Note to self: get my hands on the RISE playlist! And a shout out to DJ Ahsohn Williams who knew exactly what to play and when from This is Me by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.  

Next up, Nick Santonastasso, thriving despite having Hanhart Syndrome, shared inspiration that raised the roof in a chant of the word VICTOROUS, which coincidentally is my One Word for the year. Emotional indeed. I sent a video clip of it to my 16-year-old daughter, which she has yet to respond to.  From Nick I’m taking away the idea that humans love progress (micro-goals are SO important), energy is contagious, and that it’s emotionally impossible to feel gratitude and sadness at the same time. So be grateful.


Rachel lives this stuff. Her authenticity is how she inspires. She is a multi-media rock star who should be in the motivational speaker hall of fame if there is such a thing. She’s got best sellers in our hands, podcasted motivation streaming through our Air Pods and even took to the big screen with her Made For More Movie, which was in select cinemas Aug 2 + 13, 2018. Throughout the day she touched on and went deep into motivation, habits, physical health and soul work. Everything to take the day’s ideas to the next level and especially how to do so was in the workbook with a lovely seventies vibe and theme Own Your Present.

Presently, I’m preparing to go all in to life and step more boldly into the assurance that I’m #MadeForMore.


Thank you, Rachel Hollis and Hollis + Co.! Truly an amazing day and what women clearly need. Side note to suggest a branch out from RISE to HE RISE to get the men in America into the room for their wellbeing; and more of your couple’s conference RISE TOGETHER in the future gets my vote.

For those of you that missed, reach out and I’d be happy to share more. For those of you who did attend, I’d love to hear your thoughts!