For the past four years, I’ve been working with businesses and refining my services based on best processes, successes and learning. We often start with smaller projects with a more immediate deadline or results-driven outcome, then build a relationship and more collaboration from there. I’ve packaged and built the top services I see clients benefiting from into an a la carte menu. They can work individually or cohesively depending on resources and needs.

Event Recap and Capitalization Package >>>>>>>>>  $600+
Unique to the market, I’ve launched a service that helps companies and collaborations make the most of their events. We meet in advance to outline the strategies and set communications during the event and immediately after the event. I attend the event, gather feedback via conversations, capture photography and write a 500 word+ story about it. For all of the details, please see my post on Real ROI for Events. You can view plenty of examples of my event recaps over the past three years and see how they work and add value. Let me help you share some of the great learning, inspiration or new insight that came out of the event you spent so much time and effort planning!

Media Relations Package >>>>>>>>>  $1,500
This service includes a top-level strategy session to prioritize your media relations goals. We select assets that exist or may need to be created. We also focus on influencer marketing and relationship building opportunities so that media relations helps frame your message in the timing, context and intent that brings you the most value. Once the stage is set with strategy and assets, we work together on targeted monthly goals and continually seek ways to connect the dots to your culture, work and vision for exponential, efficient value.

Content Creation Package >>>>>>>>>  $1,200
This service includes a top-level strategy session to assess your brand, communications and current digital marketing strategy. I provide a digital marketing strategy complete with trends, audiences and opportunities based on your resources. You’ll also receive an annual content calendar, which is working document for online content and channels, outlining the audience and tone for each suggested channel. Throughout this 4-6 week process, we’ll engage in three meetings and at its completion, you will be able to take what we’ve created and implement it, provided you have the resources.

Ongoing Digital Marketing Package >>>>>>>>>  $1,200+
Consistency is key! This service offered in six or twelve month increments, will ensure you take your digital strategy and implement it without any roadblocks. At a basic level, I will provide online strategic insight, help with troubleshooting, educate on best practices and provide analytics assessment. Additionally, I can work in a support function to create and write a monthly blog aligned with SEO, keywords and thoughtfully share that content on your relevant online channels (website, enewsletters, social media) for an additional $400/mo.