The Partner Proposition

When I listed the variations of marketing communications and niche and related specialities, I came up with at least 20 buckets including media relations specialists, copywriters, copy editors, content curators, social media experts, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, event planners, videographers, SEO experts, project managers, art directors, internal communications experts and business coaches.

Can anyone possibly hold all of these skill sets? Most likely not. I’ve created a network of professionals with expertise in these areas and ideally, my clients benefit from a smooth hand-off to one of these individuals for things like responsive websites or more top-level project management of ancillary services like SEO.

I’m a strategy girl. I like coming on board in a marketing role that’s driven by business development. I think holistically with brand smarts and a focus on repurposing, efficiency and results. Some of the partners I work with include Open Window ProductionsPeter Hill Design, and SoGood Consulting.

New Collaborative Models for Client Value

Peter Hill Design

SparkTrack’s work with Peter Hill Design to re-brand a school district demonstrates the value of a collaborative team of consultants. When consultants have a history of working together and they are aligned in process and approach, the client benefits. In this case, re-branding actually meant understanding the school’s culture, leading group discussions, honing in on visionary ideas, communicating to stakeholders surrounding the new brand and creating the design of the brand itself. See the District 196 here.

SoGood Consulting

Upon completing work with Cat Beltmann of SoGood Consulting for the Local Government Innovation Awards (#LGIAwards) project for the second year in December 2017, we can demonstrate client benefits when working with consultants who collaborate. Together, our firms focused on outreach, list builds, influencer buy-in and sharing, graphic design, media relations, e-communications, social media, tracking and analytics.

As a team, we delivered in our strength areas and served as a sounding board for all concepts with energy and excitement around adding something innovative to the ten-year awards program. As a result, the awards received more entries than prior years, showcased a new logo, brand, and integrated communications, established an award to highlight a top innovator and attracted more partner involvement in the outreach process.