How to Build a Strong and Intentional Email List

How to Build a Strong and Intentional Email List

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In the flurry of start-up mode, you’re consumed with building relationships and cultivating your network. Being intentional about adding those contacts and brand ambassadors to your email list is one of the best ways to ensure those relationships continue to grow and thrive. Your email list is a tremendous asset. It will serve as your […]

Business CYA: Collect Your Assets

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Do you have an abandoned Twitter account? Has your LinkedIn account remained untouched for months due to login failure or lost password? If you had to name your businesses fonts and color palette – in RGB too – could you easily access it? I truly enjoy working with small businesses. Whether that means organizing a […]

One-stop Marketing Shop

One-stop Marketing Shop

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If you were hard-pressed to make a marketing flow chart for your business, how connected would it look? Would it dead-end at missed opportunities? Or do you feel fairly confident you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts – paid and non-paid? What I’m suggesting here is that there are missed connections and opportunities […]

Inspiring Social for Small Businesses

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We tried to do it all. Be all to everyone on every possible social media channel out there. Plus manage our small business and demanding workload. We’ve outsourced until our brand got lost. We’ve had enough.  These are the conversations I’m having with small business owners specifically in the Minnesota marketplace in the architecture, landscape […]