Sparking Conversations, Tracking Results


Spark a conversation. Track the result.

I’m Jen Gilhoi. I was Jennifer for awhile, but the shortening first began with an Instagram account handle in 2011 and I’m just running with it more now. Jen is more fun, don’t you think?. ….and #workshouldbefun

Sparktrack Consulting launched in 2012 and for the past seven years I’ve had the pleasure of working with solopreneurs, small to mid-sized businesses, larger organizations, companies and non-profit boards in an advisory role, as their in-house marketing team on projects and an ongoing basis.

In strategic and project management roles, I’m assembling teams of designers, video producers, seo experts, social media creators and working hands-on to deliver all of the things — and there are an increasing amount of skills sets and things!

In 2018, with the onset of my joining my supportive women coworking community, ModernWell, I took my three-year side gig covering events and producing event recaps to a paid level. The concept is rooted in richness of content during events and what happens after the events. There’s an immediacy to it that makes it actionable and solidifies your brand and any relationships you established at the event. There’s magic in the in-person and online connectivity between pre, during and post event content when you plan for it and you’re present.

Spark a conversation today that results in something meaningful for years to come.